School Timings

1st April to 31st October

  • Pre-Nursery / Nursery 8.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.
  • KG 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
  • Class I to V 8.00 a.m. to 01.30 p.m.

1st November to 31st March

  • Pre-Nursery / Nursery9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
  • KG9.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m
  • Class I to V8.30 a.m. to 02.00 p.m.

Parents Visiting Hours

Parents may see the Principal on any working day, between 11-00 a.m. to 12-00 noon, with a prior appointment. Parents are also welcome to see the class/subject teachers on the second Saturday of every month between 9-30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. during winter and 9-00 a.m. to 12-00 noon during summer.
However, in case of an emergency, they may see the teachers before/after school/ during the lunch break with written permission of the Principal. Parents are requested not to disturb the teachers when the teaching is going on. Parents may wait, at school reception, for the teacher till he/she is available / free from teaching work.


    1. Every student should carry his diary to school on all days.
    2. Students who come to the school in their own transport should reach five minutes before the opening time.
    3. Students should reach their class-rooms as soon as the warning bell goes or the recess is over.
    4. To come out of the class without the class pass is an offence.
    5. No shouting or whistling is allowed in the school building. throwing bits of chalk on others or teasing fellow students is strictly forbidden.
    6. Students are the care-takers of the school property. Any damage done to the school property even by accident, should be brought to the notice of the Supervisory Head/Principal. Those who spoil the walls or damage any School furniture shall have to make good the loss.
    7. Books (other than text-books or library books) and magazines brought to the school without permission are liable to be confiscated.
    8. The school will not hold itself responsible for any goods lost. The students are advised not to bring valuable articles like expensive watches and fountain pens to school.
    9. Students must not miss any teaching/games/library/activity periods. Students should not intentionally disturb/disrupt classes.
    10. Under no circumstances should any eve-teasing/misbehavior towards girl students take place.
    11. Students should not indulge in act of moral turpitude.
    12. No student should indulge in any of the following practices :
      A) Spitting in or near the school building, B) Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property, C) Smoking, D) Any form of gambling, E) Rowdy and rude behavior, F) Use of violence in any form, G) Casteism, communalism or practice of untouchability, H) Bullying, I) Use of drugs or intoxicants, J) Buying eatables from vendors outside the school premises, K) Any association with banned organizations.
    13. Students under any circumstances should not drive down to school. Strict action will be taken against the students violating this rule.
    14. Students not allowed to go to friend’s house or anywhere else from school.
    15. Students must not engage in use of abusive language, mental harassment, name calling, cyber bullying, belittling, fighting or engaging themselves in activities that cause embarrassment to their fellow students.
    16. Students should not disrupt the instructions given by the teachers in the classes by way of talking, making noises, laughing or throwing objects.


  1. The name of the pupil who remains absent without any written leave or intimation for one month, shall be struck off the rolls.
  2. Parents who wish to withdraw their children from the school at the end of the session must inform the school office in writing by the end of February of that session. Request for withdraw after this date will invite a minimum charge of Rs. 1000/-.
  3. Parents who wish to withdraw their children mid-session must give at least one calendar month’s notice in writing or pay one month’s fee in lieu of notice.
  4. Patents are advised that a transfer certificate can be issued only when a child is withdrawal and ceases to attend school.
  5. Transfer certificates are not issued unless all dues of the school are settled.
  6. The school is authorized to give only the T.C. any other counter signing by relevant authorities (State/District) is the responsibility of parents.
  7. T.C. is an official document and should be kept carefully, duplicate T.C. cannot be issued.