Click here for fee details : Academic session : 2022-23

Instructions for the payment of fee

Brother/Sister concession- Rs 50 per month in Tuition fees.

  • Parents have option to deposit the fee for any number of months in advance.
  • Fees can be paid through online/cheque. If a cheque is dishonoured by the bank, a fine of Rs. 200/- per cheque will be charged. Also, an amount of Rs. 50/- as late fee per day will be charged.
  • The last date for payment of fee is 10th of every month. After 10th, fine of Re. 20 will be charged till 15th of the month. After 15th, fine at the rate of Rs. 5 per day will be charged till 25th of the month and after 25th the name of the student will be struck off in case fee has not been paid. It may please be noted that the office is not open during Summer Vacations/Autumn Break/ Winter Break.
  • If the fees are not deposited till the last date as mentioned above the name of students will be struck off the rolls and the re-admission will be considered on the availability of seats and Rs. 1000/- extra shall be charged if re-admitted.
  • Bimonthly fees will be charged during the months May,December and February.


**Above guidelines are subject to changes.